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5 Years Replacement Warranty

SOLAX Power is a company committed to "planting a greener future" for you and your family, with a research team dedicated towards developing products that revolutionize the solar power generations. Solax offers one of the best inverters across continents.

Along with features Like remote monitoring, cutting edge design & warranty, most important of all, the components of each Solax product are carefully selected from best of the best in the world to ensure optimum performance possible.

So when you have a Solax inverter you can be at peace of mind for its Life & performance.


Polycab                                                                                                                                                                                     INVERTER

Polycab is a leading company in the electrical industry with a glorious track record of over 4 decades. It has the reputation of being the fastest growing company in the Indian Cable sector. At Polycab, we believe that our competitive edge lies in product innovation as well as superior quality and ready availability.Our manufacturing set-up is state-of-the-art, from world renowned suppliers of machinery and technology.

Polycab offers a variety of services:

1. Competitive Prices

2. Reliable & consistent quality

3. Reliable & just in-time delivery

4. Product development for a changing market

5. A targeted stocking policy

6. Technical support for applications / projects

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